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General Services

Services offered by Intimate Data include:

  • A free postal code look-up site for you to use. Click Here to access the site.
  • PAMSS Certification : Please see the PAMSS page for more info.
  • Consultancy, product sales, installation and training as well as bureau processing.

For info on any of these services please contact Intimate Data Support.

Bureau Services

Marketing List Services, a division of Intimate Data, specializes in:

  • the managing, processing and broking of mailing lists,
  • the data manipulation related to Direct Marketing, being the
  • cleaning, enriching, de-duping, matching, segmenting, sorting, and response analysis.

We are able to provide our customers with a CLEAN single (shaped) view of an individual, corporate or household for their own customers or prospects that are not yet customers of theirs. These databases are first Matched against the industry Mail Preference or Mail Aversion files, ensuring that people who have indicated that they do not want to be bothered by direct marketing advertising, are NOT.

Visit the MLS Home Page: www.marketinglistservices.co.za

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