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Data Quality

Data quality is defined as follows: data has merit if it fulfills the obligations of its proposed use. It does not have quality to the degree that it does not fulfill the requirement. In other words, it depends as much on the intended use as it does on the data itself. To fulfill the intended use, the data must be precise, timely, pertinent, complete, understood, and trusted.

A substantial sum of data quality research involves studying and describing a range of categories of attractive attributes (or dimensions) of data. These lists usually include accuracy, correctness, currency, completeness and relevance.

It is the dependability and efficiency of data, chiefly in a data warehouse. Data quality assurance (DQA) is the procedure of confirming the dependability and efficiency of data. Preserving it entails going through the data every so often and scrubbing it. Usually this involves updating it, regulating it, and de-duplicating records to make a solitary view of the data, albeit if it is stored in various disparate systems. There are a lot of purveyor applications on the marketplace to make this job effortless.

Since it is so vital from a business viewpoint, a lot of large companies use a data steward to be in control of data quality. However more significantly is the emotional reaction to it, the fact that you possess a high degree of trust or confidence in the data that you are making use of to manage your business.

Data quality is in actual fact the only truly unique feature that a business possesses. A business can have products; however those products can be and are on a regular basis duplicated. A company can differentiate itself by its service, but its service is very much dependent upon good data. Data is extremely strategic, as it is utilized for both internal and external decision-making. You require that high level of reliability from and high level of confidence in your data since it affects your operation facilities on a daily basis.

In practice, data quality is affects all experts involved with an extensive array of information systems, ranging from data warehousing and business intelligence to CRM and supply chain management.

Get the most out of the worth of your data: Unfailing, precise and reliable data can bestow the foundation for informed business decisions. Nonetheless, the majority of companies have dozens, if not hundreds, of data sources - all with various data formats, conventions and business rules. And every data source has an array of problems - null values, missing fields, and inconsistent entries - that direct to an overall lack of data quality.

This is an important phase in the data management methodology. Subsequent to conducting a thorough examination of your corporate information in the data profiling stage, you can subsequently begin to improve data right through your enterprise by rectifying, standardizing and validating your data.

As a result of improving the quality of your data, you can assemble usable, actionable information that gives a precise "snapshot" of your organization's efficiency and competitiveness. Thus, an effectual plan can assist you to better comprehend your business environment, permitting you to capitalize on profitability and decrease costly operational inefficiencies.

Intimate Data is a specialist "Data Quality" software supplier and service bureau. Our software and services are focused at Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) in all sectors of the market.

What does it mean to you?

Is the quality of your company's data such that it is an asset, or is your company losing opportunities and money and placing the business at risk?

Would you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions?
  • Can we increase our profits if we clean up our data?
  • Can we reduce expense by having good quality data?
  • Should we be concerned about duplicate records?
  • Will we improve customer retention by having clean data?
  • Is our business being adversely affected by the current state of our data?
  • Would it be worthwhile to be able to group individuals into households?

If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions then contact us or our distributor, and we will show you how to transform your existing data into Quality Data that is a real asset.

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