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Direct Marketing


A method of marketing by which a company deals directly with its end customers, including mail order by catalog, direct mail, telephone sales, or the advertising of goods, in other words selling directly to your customers.

Direct marketing is a form of advertising campaign that looks to draw out an action (for instance an order, a visit to a store or Web site, or asking for further information) from a chosen group of customers in reaction to a communiqué from the marketer. The communiqué itself may be in any of an array of formats consisting of postal mail, telemarketing, direct e-mail, marketing, and point-of-sale (POS) interactions. Customer reaction ought to be quantifiable: for instance, the marketer must be able to establish whether or not a customer who is presented a discount for online shopping takes advantage of the offer.

How do prospective customers learn about your business, its products or services? Word of mouth is brilliant, except that its potential is restricted. To produce an elevated level of sales, you must send custom-made letters, brochures and postcards to the targeted customer sectors to encourage interest in new products or services, direct traffic to your Web site, put inserts in magazines and create an ever-increasing acknowledgment of your brand. Every one of these strategies - and more - consist of direct marketing.

It is the most excellent marketing plan for businesses that would like to connect with their customers in a special and persuasive way.

It focuses on a number of the major challenges in marketing a business - creating leads, changing leads into high quality customers, and then methodically increasing customer profitability. Direct marketing assists you to get through the 'marketing noise', and provides a high return on investment for your marketing spend. It is an occasionally contentious sales technique by which advertisers accost potential customers directly with products or services. Nearly all common forms of marketing are telephone sales, requested or unwanted emails, catalogs, leaflets, brochures and coupons. Success furthermore includes accumulating and maintaining a huge database of personal information about prospective customers and clients. These databases are frequently sold or shared with other businesses.

For a lot of companies or service providers with an exclusive market, the conventional forms of advertising (radio, newspapers, television, etc.) might not be the best employ of their marketing budgets. For instance, a company which retails a hair loss prevention product would have to locate a radio station whose format interests adult male listeners who may be going through this predicament. There would be no assurance that this faction would be listening to that specific station at the precise time the company's ads were aired. Money used up on a radio spot (or television commercial or newspaper ad) may or may not get through to the type of customer who possibly might be interested in a hair restoring product.

This is where it turns out to be extremely attractive. Rather than investing in a scattershot method of promotion, companies with a particular type of prospective customer will be able to distribute literature directly to a list of pre-selected individuals. Some businesses may also hang on to email addresses of those individuals who fit a specific age group or income level or particular interest. Makers of a new dog shampoo may gain from having the phone numbers and mailing addresses of pet store proprietors or dog show contestants. It performs at its best when the recipients agree to the fact that their personal information may be employed for this purpose. A number of customers choose to get targeted catalogs which offer more variety than a general mailing.

It does however have a few negative features. A lot of people are oblivious of how the personal information they enter in an order form or survey may be utilized for targeted marketing afterward. One predominant philosophy in direct mailing cliques is the thought that if a customer purchases a swimming costume from a clothing catalog, he or she might as you would expect be interested in swimming pool materials or exercise paraphernalia as well. This may possibly lead to excess, as prospective customers and clients become besieged with catalogs, unwanted emails and phone calls. There is also the fear that personal information accumulated by legitimate organizations may possibly be bought by dishonest or crooked companies for the specific intention of fraud.

A lot of direct marketing companies are members of self-policing organizations which vigorously persuade against deceitful or invasive use of their databases. Legal direct marketing companies ought to also offer ways by which individuals can avoid taking part of these lists by request. Direct marketing agencies have to revere the do-not-call list retained by government agencies for instance the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Customers are also entitled to unsubscribe to unwanted catalogs and to block bulk emails from their in-boxes. Direct marketing can be an extremely cost-effective retail tool for specialized companies, providing it is used correctly and sparingly.

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