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Intimate_Value is a data-cleansing tool provided to clean and enhance the customer's database. The Intimate_Value product has been packaged so that common code is utilized for the Online as well as the Batch applications.


The Intimate_Value modules provide any or all of the following functionality, as one process:
  • Title : Validated against a table file. Fields returned are language, gender and a ‘dear line?for personalized direct communications.
  • Names : First names and Surnames are validated against tables and New Market / Race codes are returned based on the surnames.
  • ID Number : Validated according to format. Gender and Date Of Birth are derived.
  • Date of Birth : Validated according to format, age is derived.
  • Email address : Basic format checks and validations.
  • Two Addresses : Address suburbs and postal codes are validated and cleaned. Address standardisation and formatting is done. Addresses are changed according to language supplied or derived. Income area coding is also supplied for a validated suburb.
  • Four Phone Numbers : Dial codes are validated against the dial codes of the supplied addresses. Formatting of phone numbers is done and is checked against a file from Telkom to see if the number has changed and updated as applicable.

If any of the validated data is deemed to be incorrect and cannot be programmatically fixed it can be manually cleaned using Value_Review, which greatly aids and speeds up the cleaning process.

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