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Merge Purge

Merge purge is the newest and brightest way to create crystal clear amassing new data, using technology that moves this market forward by leaps and bounds in the correct direction. We can easily tell the difference between data quality that has been merge/purge and data that has not, this is based on the fact that merge purge data is crisp, clear and concise leading to higher profit margins and strong, high and rewarding rebates from the Post Office.

This is the process of developing data to a higher level, this allows us to merge data to check its quality and then, through this process, purge the data using high end technical backbends, creating unbeatable clarity.

We analyse the data and bring it to a fluid state where the strongest and most likely source is correct. Creating clear data relevant to the details of the customer target ed in the first place, you are able to achieve with ease the precise communication with the clients you would like when you prefer with a much much lower chance of this being incorrect.

Having many accounts, clientele and customers as well as prospects in the market in which we live, direct marketing is the way forward. Using Merge Purge tactics we are able to target the market you always wanted. This allows us to allow you to reach your target market with ease, through successful direct marketing techniques. Marketing List Services as well as Intimate Data have managed an extremely high rate of success, creating full awareness of this product through our strong marketing channels.

Merge Purge allows us to show you as well as your targeted prospect the proficiency as well as professionalism of your organisation by proving to them you care about them. You have taken the time to check their address, their personal details and it is addressed to them.

I have been the victim before of data which is not precise, and my personal respect of the company would go down quickly. Merge Purge will reduce this to a minimum; maximising efficiency once again, and moving the impression you create forward.

Merge Purge is the default way to propulse your company and leads into the future, over time, people move, addresses change and we all lose cell phones at one point in time. Although numbers can follow you, we are not able to have addresses follow us for mailings. E-Mail campaigns are also affected by this, this means that if someone moves job or offices, or their ISP goes down, unless they have their own domain, their address might change. This will create inefficiency and once again reduce the quality of data. We can change your world only if you let us. Intimate Data being the best, we can defiantly lead the market.

Look at this possibility; you sell a skin and beauty product online. You feel that the time is right to push the marketing out to the world through the use of targeted E-Mail, and since your clients have opted for additional offerings to be presented to them, however they have not had the chance to move forward and get to your store to acquire your product. The idea is also to expand the vastness of your target market by the rental of lists that are aimed at your clientele for nail and beauty products. This can all be offered to you as well through the use of effective Merge Purge strategies applied by data specialists and analysts.

Coming to realise, by using your lists, that the possibilities of this data in the lists being duplicated in some places is very high, and takes the business decision to merge the data used, and to present to their marketing department data which is clean and pure.

This means that angered customers will be appeased.

Imagine you have just bought the product offered to you and as you and celebrating the use of this product; your South African dial up access line is jammed with additional mail from the company you just brought from offering you the identical product three times over. Personally, I would very rapidly go as far as changing of supplier. Targeting highly motivated buyers is also possible through the Merge Purge system.

The Spam label is the biggest motivator against the WWW and more precisely E-Mail marketing at this point in time. The way forward here is to provide clients with once off clean approaches. The Anti Spam marketing by so many companies out there, trying to oppose the spam threats by actively marketing anti spam and offering their highest quality product, any person receiving multiple identical mails automatically deletes them from their inbox. This is yet another modern day problem that can be resolved effectively through the use of this effective de-duping technology.

Quite a few solutions are readily available in the market place. Most of these are quick one night stand and vanish with your money companies. Intimate Data has a very strong and popular reputation nationally and is know for great service and high quality data. This is one of our core focuses. We know the game outstandingly well and ensure that the merging and purging of your data is done to perfection.

It does not matter which way you go about it, the vital point is to comprehend that by discovering solutions to the merge/purge situation, we develop a popular and yet rarely truly discovered "win-win".

For marketers the advantages are vast and from clearer lists and better quality data to work with, can be seen in real time developments:
  • The reduction of the cost of Marketing
  • The preservation of your brand
  • A higher rate of customer retention
  • The acquisition of clients rises

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