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The Postal Address Management Service Suppliers (PAMSS) is a collection of list-cleaning businesses that give list-checking and list-cleaning services to customers on behalf of the Post Office.

Intimate Data is an authorized Postal Address Management Service Supplier (PAMSS) of the South African Post Office (SAPO). The grading system was set up by SAPO to attract bulk mailers to improve address quality, thus assisting SAPO in optimising postal delivery.

Through the use of customary PAMSS software, bulk mailers are outfitted to clean their address databases and get a statistical analysis and quality rating for their database. SAPO motivates bulk mailers who meet their minimum prerequisites that is a rating from 97% - 100% accurateness on their mailing lists, by offering them postage reimbursements for each envelope mailed as well as, in numerous cases, upfront discounts. So that the bulk mailer may get the reimbursement, a certified document presenting the percentage of clean records should first be applied for, such as Intimate Data.

The foremost benefit of address cleaning does not lie in the incentives and reimbursements presented, but somewhat in the improved deliverability of mailed items and the decrease of return mail, finally resulting in a massive saving on surplus postage and production expenses, and improved overall customer response rates.

SAPO offers incentives in the manner of reimbursement for clients who achieve a clean rate of 97 per cent and above. For the client to get the reimbursement, an official document indicative of the percentage of clean records have to first be issued by the PAMSS.

The method of attaining a certificate is as follows:
  • Clients send data to PAMSS for processing.
  • It confirms and cleans data. Should clients meet the compulsory requirements, a certificate is issued.
  • Clients then utilize the certificate for posting mail and if a mailing firm is employed, the certificate is given to them for posting on behalf of the clients.

SAPO embarked on this procedure to make sure that the amount of nondeliverable mail is decreased and to strengthen and increase value to the relationships between SAPO and its clients. SAPO restates its pledge to the provision and efficient delivery of mail to its clients by supplying to the updated copies of the subsequent tables:

  • An alphabetical and numerical database of postcodes, which concerns postal addresses and geographical areas of South Africa
  • An alphabetical database of all post offices in the geographical area of South Africa
  • A numeric table of postbox range numbers at all delivery points in the geographical area of South Africa linked to a specific post office or delivery alternative as soon as they are available
  • A comprehensive table for identifying areas in the geographical area of South Africa where there is no street delivery

The certificate is founded on the outcome of the manipulation completed and not on the initial data provided by the clients. Once it gives back the data to a client, it is the duty of the clients to update their databases with the changes.

Postal Address Management Service Supplier certification is a South African Post Office (SAPO) endorsed grading system which enables you to reimbursements should your data fall within the acceptable range.

This certification makes you eligible for postal reimbursements. You can achieve substantial savings by having your mailing database certified by Intimate Data.

The examination of your address data is the first step to your Post Office Rebate Certificate that can save you thousands, if not millions on your mailings.

Listcheck is a South African Post Office APPROVED Address CHECKING package, which is supplied by Intimate Data.

Listcheck is the only Software Package available for free on the internet for you to test your own address data.

The following bureau services are available;
  • Address Checking to rate your database for Certification,
  • Address Cleaning to get the best Postal Rebate,
  • The issuing of Postal Address Quality Rebate Certificates

Reimbursements are given for each sorted item. There are also extra discounts available reliant on the kind of mail being sent. So as to claim these reimbursements you are expected to be in possession of a PAMSS Certificate for your mailing list.

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