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Postal Address Management Service Suppliers

The Postal Address Management Service Suppliers (PAMSS) is a collection of list-cleaning businesses that give list-checking and list-cleaning services to customers on behalf of the Post Office.

Intimate Data is an authorized Postal Address Management Service Supplier (PAMSS) of the South African Post Office (SAPO). The grading system was set up by SAPO to attract bulk mailers to improve address quality, thus assisting SAPO in optimising postal delivery.

The checking of your address data is the first step towards your Post Office Rebate Certificate that could save you thousands, if not millions on your mailings.

Why do I need a PAMSS Certificate?
SAPO motivates bulk mailers who meet their minimum prerequisites that is a rating from 97% - 100% accurateness on their mailing lists, by offering them postage reimbursements for each envelope mailed as well as, in numerous cases, upfront discounts. So that the bulk mailer may get the reimbursement, a certified document presenting the percentage of clean records should first be obtained.

How do I apply for a PAMSS certificate?
You must run your address data through the SAPO Audit Software. From this you will get a file with a .STA extension. This is a page of stats and will tell you if you qualify for a PAMSS certificate or not. If you do meet the 97% required you can sign and fax that page through to Intimate Data on 021 701 5152 and we will issue you with a quote for the certificate. Upon your acceptance of the quote we will issue you with a PAMSS certificate.

How long is my PAMSS certificate valid for?
Certicficates are valid for 6 months. If the database is less than 10,000 records the certificate will be valid for 12 months.

Where can I find information on the rebates offered by SAPO?
Click Here to download the current SAPO Rates Booklet.

Where do I get the SAPO Audit Software?
Click Here to download the SAPO Audit Software. Please read the README.DOC in the ZIP file for instructions.

How often are the files updated?
The files are updated once a month at the end of the month.

What format must my input file be in?
Input files must be ASCII files; they can be fixed length or delimited. It must contain the address to which you want to send mail. Up to 5 address lines, a postal code and a reference number are catered for. The file name must be 8 character or less in length and must have an extension of AUD. E.g. INPUT.AUD.

I have my PAMSS certificate, now what?
Click Here to search the SAPO National Bulk Mail Service Guide.

What can I do if I don’t reach the 97% required for a PAMSS certificate?
Marketing List Services (a division of Intimate Data) offers a Bureau Service to ‘clean?addresses. You can send us your data (reference number, addresses, language) in a CSV formatted file (comma delimited). We will then audit your addresses for you and give stats stating the current rating of your data as well as the rating that can be attained after the cleanup process. This rating is a percentage of clean or correct records, according to the SAPO Rules and Regulations. In order to qualify for a PAMSS certificate you must achieve a rating of at least 97%. We will also give you a quote for the clean-up job. If you accept the quote we will then process the data for you and send you an output file. This output file contains all the fixed addresses and return switches to tell you what has changed on each address. You then need to programmatically update your list of addresses on your database by interrogating these return switches and making a decision on whether to update or not based on the value of the switch. Once that has been done your data should be a whole lot better!

Can I obtain software to ‘clean?addresess myself?
Yes, you can obtain a license to run software developed by Intimate Data that will allow you to ‘clean?addresses and a whole lot more.
Please contact Intimate Data Support with your enquiry and we will gladly supply you with product info and pricing relevant yo your needs.

What do I do once I have updated my database?
You have updated your database with all the fixed records supplied. Now you need to extract those addresses to which you want to mail and run them through the SAPO Audit Software. You can then fax your signed STA report to Intimate Data on 021 701 5152 for a quote. Upon your acceptance of the quote we will issue you with a PAMSS certificate.

Visit the South African Post Office Home Page www.sapo.co.za

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