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The Value_Review product is a tool that allows for the electronic reviewing and updating of records that have been identified by Intimate_Value as requiring manual intervention.

  • The input to Value_Review is the REVIEW file produced by Intimate_Value.
  • The records in the REVIEW file are read one by one, allowing the user to correct address information as well as Intimate_Value problems like ID Numbers, Titles, Phone Numbers etc.
  • The user is given a description of the problem in the record.
  • Suburb, postal code and area search boxes are supplied to enable the user to easily look up all current suburb names and postal codes.
  • Once the user is satisfied that the record is correct it can be Accepted, and the record is written to the OUTPUT file which is used to update the customer database.
  • If the user is unsure of a record, they can ignore it, and get back to it at a later stage.
  • All user activity is reported, including how many records were corrected, how many were ignored, how long the user spent using the product.
  • All the rules and validations used in Intimate_Value are built into Value_Review.

Click on the images below to enlarge. The first screenshot is an example of the Address Review with the search options. The second screenshot is the General Review, which allows you to correct fields such as phone numbers, titles, names etc.

Address Review Screen General Review Screen

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