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Company Profile

Intimate Data is a specialist "Data Quality" software supplier and service bureau. Our software and services are focused at Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) in all sectors of the market.

We are able to provide the user with a CLEAN single (shaped) view of an individual, corporate or household. The use of the products facilitates both the understanding of one's exposure and identifies cross-sell opportunities. In addition to this, the products are used for ensuring accurate and effective mailing and other communication with clients.

Darryl Joubert founded the company, which was focused on the cleaning of postal addresses, in 1989. The company now concentrates on the wider scope of data quality, customer contactability and direct mailing.

Intimate Data has its head office located in Westlake Business Park, Cape Town. Our countrywide client base of more than one hundred and fifty clients includes banks, insurance companies and other blue chip companies.

The company has been a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) since its inception. Darryl has done two terms as a Director on the DMA over the years. It therefore goes without saying that not only are we bound by a code of conduct but we also show our commitment to the entire industry.

Intimate Data is the appointed Database manager of the South African Post Office (SAPO) Postal Delivery Database (PDD). The PDD currently consists of 36 million customers of SAPO. It is this PDD that allows companies to verify and ensure that their own customers are being contacted at their correct addresses.

Marketing List Services, a division of Intimate Data, specializes in:

  • the managing, processing and broking of mailing lists,
  • the data manipulation related to Direct Marketing, being the
  • cleaning, enriching, de-duping, matching, segmenting, sorting, and response analysis.
Visit the MLS website: www.marketinglistservices.co.za

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