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Intimate Data is a specialist "Data Quality" software supplier and data manipulation service bureau. Our software products are platform independent and installable in your own environment. As a company we offer sales, installation, training, bureau processing, and consulting on the following products:

Postal Code Lookup Website
This will enable you to quickly and easily search suburbs and postal codes for the whole of South Africa.

Software that cleans, scrubs, and enriches all aspects of your customer’s name, address and contact information.

Software to audit the current data quality status of your largest asset, your customer database.

A system that allows for the real time on-line reviewing and updating of records that have been identified by our software as requiring manual intervention.

Listclean II®
Software for cleaning address data only, enabling the user to qualify for SAPO rebates through the PAMSS certification process.

De-Duping, Prospect Profiling, Mailing List Generation, List Management, List Broking, PAMSS Certification

A service that will rate the quality of your address data, enabling your company to obtain SAPO rebates that could save you thousands, if not millions of rands on your mailings.

SAPO Audit Software
Free audit software for establishing the state of address data for PAMSS certification purposes.

Address Data Cleansing | Data Linking | Data Scrubbing | Direct Marketing | Mailing List | Data Cleansing
Data Quality | Deduplication | Merge Purge | PAMSS
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